“I was introduced to Czech pilot Hana Zejdová in 1991; I was then the last director of the Sportavia Soaring Centre glider pilot school, successful in record-breaking efforts. Her strong desire to fly and her lust after records prompted us to help her in her difficult situation. Although she was known as an international Championess of Europe, Championess of the Czech Republic, a record setter who had beaten men on numerous occasions, she did not have her own aircraft or support accorded to many other, often unknown or rookie athletes. Her tremendous elan and the sacrifices she was willing to put into her favourite sport made us adopt a decision to support her technically and morally as much as we could. She became our great discovery. She set more than fifty new women’s and absolute world records here, plus several hundreds of national records. Our former Sportavia Soaring Centre has thus played a part in the careers of two world glider flying legends: Ingo Renner, an Australian, four times the world champion and twice the world record holder, the most successful glider flying competition pilot, and the audacious Czech lady, Hana Zejdová, the ultimate glider world record setter. Both have been awarded the supreme accolade of the International Aviation Federation – the Otto Lilienthal Medal.”

Donald Bruce Escott
ex director of the Sportavia Soaring Centre, Australia

“As I had a chance of seeing the Mother Earth from an altitude of 19,000 to 20,000 metres when sitting in the pressurized cockpit of a Mig-21 or Su-7bm, wearing a pressurized suit and a helmet, I see the glider flight across the Atlantic Ocean, and later around the Earth, in stratospheric altitudes as an extremely demanding task, which requires perfect preparations and even better support. I believe that the zeal and perseverance of Hana Zejdová and Vladislav Zejda can make the exceptional feat come true.”

Col. (ret.) Ing. Stanislav Filip,
Ex Czech Air Force pilot,
President of the Association of Flyers of the Czech Republic

“We, at the Centre of Transportation Research are very pleased there still exist people who are not satisfied with what they have already achieved and keep their eyes fixed on as yet unexplored horizons. We are even more pleased by the fact these people are involved in an aviation segment that has already given the mankind a lot of useful inventions and knowledge …..”

Centre of Transportation Research, Brno

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